The 5 Coolest Things I Learned at Social Media Marketing World 2018

  1. All About Twitter’s Algorithm
  1. Posts that are shared into Messenger and generate a group dialogue
  2. A person commenting on/liking another person’s photo or status update
  3. A person reacting to a post from a publisher that a friend shared.
  4. Even within this category, Facebook weighs longer comments more heavily than shorter comments
  5. Multiple people replying to each other’s comments on a video or article
Sample of Facebook Demographic Targeting Capabilities | Source: Nicholas Kusmich
Sample of Facebook Behavioral Targeting Capabilities
  • Email Recipients: Facebook usually matches anywhere from 30–70% of email addresses on file. From this custom audience, you can easily create a lookalike audience to target users similar to those you’re already emailing
  • Website Visitors: Retarget people who have visited your website, a landing page, or a specific page. These folks can be targeted based on how long they spent on the site, how recently they visited, etc.
  • Video Engagement: A great strategy with video is to identify audiences who viewed a certain amount of a video (i.e. 3 seconds or 25%) and create lookalike audiences to increase the odds of reaching folks likely to view it.
  • Facebook Audiences: It might seem like a no brainer, but frequently creating custom audiences of those who have interacted with your page
Source: Donna Moritz



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